Where kids laugh, play, and learn. 
All in one place.

GetClever is a family subscription service for learning games. Each game is hand-picked for its immense fun factor and the clever way it ignites passions, sparks curiosity, and improves skills.

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Clever, the same company trusted by 60% of U.S. K-12 schools for digital learning. 

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Guilt-free screen time

Kids learn by hopping with kittens, solving puzzles, and more!

Hand-picked games range from academic subjects like math, science, and reading to enrichment content like music, coding, and problem-solving.

Let your child roam free in a safe educational playground. 
Ages 6 to 9.

Try it free for 7 days

New learning games to try with each visit

What if your kid can keep learning at home without compromising on the fun? 

With GetClever, kids can independently roam free and discover hand-picked games based on their grade level and interests.

Whether they play for just 5 minutes a day or an hour, there’s always a fun lesson to help develop academic and enrichment skills.

What to expect from GetClever

Explore, stay challenged, and grow

Buckle up for a new challenge every day. 
With an adventure buddy by their side, they’ll tackle quests and collect rewards!

A fun place for kids to keep learning after the bell rings.

Expect new titles to keep rolling in and categories to keep growing. We’re hand-picking the best games so you don’t have to.

Create a private profile or 3!

One subscription allows up to 3 private profiles for siblings too.

Safe, reliable, secure

GetClever is free from ads, in-app purchases, chats, and data sharing.

Try it free for 7 days

No upfront commitment. 
$4.99/month when you’re ready to subscribe. 
Cancel anytime

$4.99/month when you’re ready to subscribe. Cancel anytime.

Try it free for 7 days

Beloved by teachers and parents alike

“This app is great for parents. It looks very clean, there are no ads, and it’s clearly just educational. I think GetClever would be a huge comfort for parents. There’s nowhere for kids to click off and wander into something else.”

"My child asked me one day if I knew tigers and kangaroos can run just as fast. By that, I can tell she's actually learning stuff on GetClever and not just playing useless games."

Milica B
teacher at KIPP Columbus

Alejandra Uvias
parent of a 2nd grader

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