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Streamline edtech for Canadian schools

01. District case study: Magnolia ISD

Digital learning should just work - and we believe that with our partners we can advance education with technology that works for students everywhere. Join us to learn how we’re revving up Clever in 2023 to simplify connections with schools so that digital learning works for everyone.


Clever securely connects the data and applications that schools rely on to make digital learning work better, for everyone.

02. Our product roadmap for 2023

03. How to get the most out of Clever in 2023


Masiel Bautista
Customer Success Manager,

Application Partners

Amelie Zeng
Product Manager,
Secure Sync

Brenda Davis
Information Data Analyst, Magnolia Independent School District

Clever is compliant with Canadian and US privacy laws

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Why Canadian school boards choose Clever

Increased efficiency

Improved security

Streamlined IT

With centralized student account management

Through reduced risk of password-related breaches

Freeing up time for teachers and students to improve learning

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