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Clever GO helps students easily log in to Chromebooks and learning apps in one place.

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Students can spend more time learning and less time logging in.

Clever Badges connect seamlessly to Chromebooks

Students can access any resource they need in one click.

Clever Portal gives students access to their learning apps

Chromebooks work out of the box from day one so students have immediate access to learning.

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With Clever GO, there’s no longer that dread of a half hour to log in. Before using Clever Badges, we could only get through 5% of our digital lessons. With the login challenge resolved, we can complete 100% of the unit.

Ashleigh Hopkins

Year 1 Teacher

New Longton, England

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Clever GO takes less than one day to roll out to students.


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At Clever we serve over 95,000 schools worldwide and are on a mission to connect every student to a world of learning. As a trusted partner in education, we help schools roll out and use technology to its full potential.


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